Exhibiting at Brickfair 2020

Exhibitors, this information is important, so listen up.

Exhibitors will need complete the form below as a registration entry to Brickfair 2020. Even if you have already registered to exhibit with your LUG you will STILL have to tell us that you want to form part of the display.

You are required to submit photos and a video of your builds (see Brickfair 2020 media guidelines) for inclusion in the exhibition.

This year’s competition will be judged based on the photos and footage you submit, so make it cool but stick to the rules. You don’t want your build to be disqualified because of a technicality, and neither do we.

Got questions? Ask ahead!

Exhibitor registration

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    Important! Please read the Brickfair 2020 media guidelines before submitting your entry. Photos or video submitted in the incorrect formats, image orientation or resolution will not be considered for Brickfair 2020.

    Attach a primary photo of your build (required)

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    Brickfair 2020 Competitions

    Winners of all four Brickfair competitions will receive a prize, plus an additional prize to give away to a less fortunate person. 

    Best in show

    This is where top builders shine: the adult open category with three prizes up for grabs. 

    Best in show - under 18s

    A competition for our younger builders. Ask your parent to register you for entry at Brickfair 2020.

    Rebrickable Garmadon

    Thirty youngsters received set number 70656, and we’ve asked them to create something new and exiting with the parts from this set. Open to under 16s only.

    LCS Box Competition

    Want to exhibit your model in one of the LEGO Certified Stores? This is the competition for you! Three spots up for grabs in Sandton City, Menlyn and Canal Walk. Note that this entry has an upper size limit.