Brickfair 2020 Media Guidelines

This guide will help you through preparing and uploading your photos and video for entry into the Brickfair 2020 display. Pay careful attention to the technical specifications listed below, as your MOC will be judged based on the photo and video you submit for it. 

  • We require one photograph per entry, uploaded via the registration form on our website.
  • Submit a .jpg photo of your build in landscape, minimum width 1280px and no larger than 2MB in size
  • Name your image in a descriptive way. For instance, if you enter three different builds, give them the name of your build (like BigCastle01.jpg)
  • Please record your footage in landscape. Your video will form part of a larger landscape Brickfair video, and a portrait video will not display as well as a landscape video.
  • The video length must be no shorter than 5 seconds, and no longer than 30 seconds. Any footage submitted longer than this will be trimmed to use the first 30 seconds only.
  • Minimum resolution of video is 720p but 1080p is preferred.
  • Submit your videos via WeTransfer to