When and where the exhibition will take place

Saturday, 26 October from 09:00 to 19:00 (one hour longer than last year) and Sunday, 27 October 2019 from 09:00 to 17:00.

Menlyn Park Shopping Centre
Corner Atterbury Road and & Lois Avenue, Menlyn Park, Pretoria

The exhibition takes place in the hallways in front of the LEGO Certified Store, entrance 2.


The mall has committed to give every exhibitor a paid parking ticket for Saturday and Sunday. Exhibitors can collect their parking tickets from the LEGO Certified Store during the course of Saturday and Sunday.

Use the entrance to the mall from Garsfontein Road into Mante Road. DO NOT follow the Palala Road signboard. Keep left on Mante Road and once you have passed the booms, keep straight and drive into the covered parking area (Parking P5). As soon as you enter the covered parking, turn left and then right. The Mall access walkway from there will give you direct access to the display area. https://goo.gl/maps/zP5418phQeC6B69a9


We all love our displays and for the new exhibitors, we have not had any serious incidents while displaying, but just to make sure, we have arrange for two security guards dedicated to the display areas overnight on Friday and Saturday nights. Important! Please bring a black tablecloth to cover your display overnight. You are more than welcome to take your model home with you, bear in mind that it needs to be set up again no later than 09:00 on Sunday morning.
Menlyn Park SC will give us an unused shop to lock up stuff over night, it is one level up. I will share details of the shop and how to get access closer to the time.

What to bring

  • There are multiple points to source electricity – you have to bring a long extension cord and multi-plug. We are not allowed to use duct tape on the floors, please ensure that your extension cables are neatly under your tables.
  • Drinks and snacks. There are plenty of opportunities to shop and everything available, but should you prefer, feel free to bring your own.
  • Menlyn did confirm that they ordered 256 extra tablecloths so that each table can be covered. However, if your display requires a specific covering, please bring it along.

LUG Support

Please check in with your LUG Chair or events coordinator about support for this event.

On the day arrangements

Day 0: Friday, 25 October 2019
16:00 General setup starts. The mall has requested that all trolleys, boxes and plastic tubs used to transport LEGO models be stored under the tables and away from the main walkways.
17:00 GBC setup starts
We have requested a 16:00 setup for both GBC and the general area, and await the mall’s confirmation. Please keep an eye on this group for details of earlier setup.
Independent exhibitors can download their table allocations here
Day 1: Saturday 26 October 2019
06:00-08:30: Arrival, unpacking and set-up
08:30: Briefing, Logistics (like bathrooms), info share, Q&A, LUG group photos
09:00: Display kick off
19:00 Pack up / Covering starts
Day 2: Sunday 27 October 2019
09:00 Exhibiting starts
17:00 Pack up starts
17:00 Cleaning starts

Commercial exhibitors

Note that no exhibitor at Brickfair 2019 is allowed to display, market, promote, advertise or sell any product or service, whether this is related to LEGO or otherwise, without the permission of the organisers

Want to be a hero? Volunteers needed!

  • All the tables will be set up and covered by the time we get there on Friday afternoon. We need volunteers to help exhibitors carry displays and setting up their tables from around 16:00 on Friday
  • We need 4 x volunteers to do a garbage run through the exhibitors (not the public) and collect and throw away or make sure areas are neat (black bags will be provided)
  • We need 10 x volunteers to assist with ensuring the area is left in a clean state when we’ve are done with the exhibit on Sunday afternoon

Eben Esterhuizen is coordinating the setup, cleanup and breakdown volunteers.


  • Table size is 1800 x 800
  • The mall has requested that exhibitors do not eat behind their displays
  • Menlyn will provide 100 chairs for exhibitors
  • A request was made that there must be no handwritten notes on the tables. Should you want to add a sign on your table, please reach out to Joe or myself to discuss a standard design for such signs
  • Keep the common area behind the tables clear of empty containers, boxes and rubbish. All containers used to transport your models should be stored under your table and covered by the tablecloths
  • Although snacking and consuming drinks are allowed, we ask that you eat your large meals not in the main exhibition area. When you do snack at your exhibition space, please make sure to keep the area clean.
  • LEGO is family, so please feel free to bring yours. No pets are allowed, even family pets. Your family remains your responsibility, for entertainment and well being 🙂 And we also call on your good judgment to ensure that should space be limited, we make space for displaying members first
  • Do not consume any alcohol during display hours. You will be interacting with the public and smelling of alcohol will not be the image we want to send to the public, mall management and LEGO SA.
  • You are welcome to bring spouses and kids. You will be responsible for their entertainment and well being. Should the space be so limited that movement is impaired for displaying members, you will be asked to make space for displaying members.
  • The organisers, LEGO Certified Stores, LEGO SA and Menlyn Park Shopping Centre do not take any responsibility for your safety, your display and personal items. We will take precautions within our control to prevent any incidents and/or theft of goods but you will ultimately remain responsible for looking after your goods while at your table.

Contact people

So on the day we will have dedicated people that will run point or be the contact for certain items.

The zoo-keepers are:

General exhibition and mall contact: Joe Kirsten 082 326 6437 or Willi Badenhorst 082 802 9342
Setup, breakdown and cleanup: Eben Esterhuizen 082 714 9531
Great Ball Contraption: Willi Badenhorst 082 802 9342
Micropolis: Ferdie
CapeLUG: Barry Kay 082 885 7458
jhbLUG: Nadeya McGee 084 403 7360
zaLUG: Tony Graham 076 981 5381

Message from Eben:

Volunteer Co-ordination
Good Day to All the Brickfair Exhibitors
My name is Eben, I will co-ordinate the volunteer teams and duties for the duration of the event weekend.
We would like to ask for volunteers from all the LUGs involved to please put up their hands and assist us with some of the duties that need to be done during the duration of this awesome event.
Please PM me if you are able to help on one or more portfolios.  I will create and post an updated list on this group as people volunteer so that you can see where we need some more help. The more people we have that volunteer to help, the lighter the load becomes on everyone involved.


  • Setup at 17h00 on Friday – Everyone that is available to help, please help. Some exhibitors have very large displays and helping hands will be greatly appreciated.
  • Garbage runs – 4x Volunteers needed. If we have more people volunteering, we will set up a rotation schedule. This role is just to keep our display area as tidy as possible – You will just walk through with a garbage bag a few times during the day to collect everyone’s empty bottles and rappers and keep an eye on the general tidiness of the display area (reminding exhibitors about where bins and trolleys have to be stored) It would be great to have a volunteer from each LUG in this portfolio as it would make it much easier if you are already in that area
  • End of day and end of Event clean up – Here we would again like to ask for people to commit and volunteer to assist with pack up/cleanup at the end of each day and after the event.
I want to thank everyone in advance that will be assisting to make this an even greater event for everyone involved.
Please feel free to PM me (082 714 9531) if you have any questions or concerns.

Menlyn Park Shopping Centre - House Rules


Unless confirmed otherwise, all set ups must report to security prior to set up and adhere to the following rules: 

  • Set Up after 4pm the day prior to exhibition, Friday 25 October 2019
  • Before 9:00am on the date of commencement of your exhibition, Saturday 26 October and Sunday 27 October 2019
  • All exhibitors are subject to spot checks and inspections by Centre Management and the Marketing team.
  • The shopping centre reserves the right to change or remove any items that aren’t satisfactory on the stand
  • All exhibition spaces must be kept clean and tidy during the exhibition and upon breakdown 
  • The exhibition space must be packed up and vacated no later than 8pm on the last day of your exhibition. Special arrangements need to be discussed with the Account Manager. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.
  • No boxes or litter should be left lying around on the exhibition spaces or in the service passages



  • The exhibition must be manned at all times during the course of the exhibition in accordance with the centre trading hours:
  • Saturdays: 9am – 7pm
  • Sundays: 9am – 5pm



  • Eating is not allowed on the exhibition space/court



  • All exhibition signage must be presented to and approved by the shopping centre 
  • Any elevated platforms or potentially risky elements of stand should have adequate signage (e.g. Mind Your Step sticker)  



  • Each exhibitor should make arrangements for their own electrical supplier to assist with set up unless the challenges are in relation to Centre equipment – Centre Electricians can only provide guidance when prior requests are submitted. 
  • Centre Electricians will work on the ‘basic’ shopping centre infrastructure and any specific work to the activation/exhibition will attract separate charges which are for the exhibitor’s account. 
  • Any technical queries will be addressed during trading hours and concerns occurring after trading hours will be addressed the following day subject to the Centre Electrician’s time schedule.



Failure to adhere to the rules and regulations will result in a fine or and cancellation of the exhibition with immediate effect. A R1,000 fine will be imposed should there be any transgressions noted, by way of example and not limited to:

  1. Unmanned stands
  2. Dirty, unkempt stands 
  3. Early closure of stands/non-adherence to mall trading hours
  4. Late strike down (the transgressing exhibitor will be liable for any costs incurred by the next exhibitor who would have been delayed)

We thank you for your consideration and trust that we will have a fruitful working relationship with you.