Welcome to Brickfair 2020!

24 October 2020

Brickfair is the premier LEGO® fan event in South Africa held annually in Pretoria, and going online in 2020. 


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Brickfair 2020 takes a new direction this year, transformed to a first-of-its-kind virtual LEGO event in South Africa.

Look forward to local and international speakers, build masterclasses, competitions and giveaways. Details will be made available soon on our website, Facebook page and WhatsApp group.


The conference takes place on 24 October 2020 from 09:00 to 17:00.

A full program with the order of events, and confirmed speakers will be made available soon. 


Brickfair 2020 happens online in two parts:

First, be in awe of South African builders as we showcase their models via photographs and video on our website and social media pages. 

Second, we have a lineup of renowned keynote speakers and experienced builders presenting masterclasses live. 



Attendance to Brickfair 2020 is free!

Want to exhibit? You’ve come to the right place!

Brickfair is open to any resident of South Africa who would like to put their LEGO creations on display as part of our virtual display. 

Follow two paths by selecting one of the two buttons below to register.  If you are part of a LUG (LEGO User Group), proceed to the LUG registration. If you are not or you prefer to exhibit independently, select the other.

Once you have registered, don’t expect unicorns to appear, minifigures to sing or burgers to fall from the sky 🙂 We will give enough time for all registrations to be completed and then report back once we are ready.

I'm a member of a LEGO User Group

Registrations for LUG exhibitors opens soon.

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Registrations for independent exhibitors opens soon.


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